Day 6

In Minneapolis:

  • Went to a Couchsurfing event at a local bar (even though I’m 20 and couldn’t drink).
  • Went to the conservatory (green house, plants from around the world), and recognized a tree from Singapore, as well as sugar cane from Hawaii.
  • Zoo. I still hate seeing animals caged up like that. It was so awesome seeing them close up though. I’m torn, and I hate myself for saying that. Just seeing the Apes was chilling. They’re so powerful and so smart– and yet they don’t even get to utilize their skillsImage in nature. This doesn’t make sense to me. And I don’t even have to look farther than the orangutang grasping a child’s toy to understand how unnatural the circumstance is. Don’t get me started on how IDENTICAL looking they are to humans. I’m looking in the mirror–except my reflection is behind bars, staring back at me.
  • Science Museum. Better than Omsi (in Portland). Visually stunning. And stimulating
  • Mall of America. Uhh huge freaking mall. That’s about it. Visually stunning as well. And the shops/restaurants are just nicer looking than most malls. Mom would love…she’d never leave.
  • Sea Life Aquarium (in mall). Just wow. Never see such unique sea life. Huge and pretty fish, jelly fish  (lit up by rainbow lights– reminded me of Avatar). Rest of the room was dark–and all you could see was the jelly fish bouncing around in clear cylinders illuminated from the bottom by bright colors.  Also at Sea Life– holy sharks! Dude. I have never seen a shark before, let aloneImage like twenty hovering over my head in a narrow tunnel as delicate symphony music is playing in the background. Ya right!! That’s not going to stop my heart from racing. I’m sure there are Aquariums in Portland. It’s funny how I only do some things just because I’m in uncharted territory. However, I didn’t plan on going. My host works there and got me admitted for free. 10/10 would see sharks again.
  • Minnehaha Falls (frozen). We went there at night when it was -20 degrees, not including wind gusts. My host, Micheal’s, beard was frozen with ice crystals after 2 min outside.
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts. After getting lost on buses for an hour in -10 degree weather, I finally made it there. Ya, I made it there alright, with 15 minutes till closing. I saw some cool looking stuff–art isn’t really my thing so I’m not distraught over lost time. As I was walking there, I was approached by an older black man smoking a cigarette. He told me I do a good job of holding up traffic on the He was nice–offered to help with directions that ultimately led me to the right place. He made me smile. This got me thinking, once again, that for every time I’m treated rudely there is a time when someone treats me kindly and warms my heart. There is the bus driver who yells at me for not putting enough money in theImage machine; There is also the lady who goes out of her way to help me on the street when I’m lost, freezing, and gotta pee. There’s also my hosts, who aid me without expecting anything in return. Here is beauty. But would things appear beautiful if there was no ugliness? Is ugliness even ugliness? Or is it a different form of beauty? When someone is rude to me, like the store owner laughing when I ask her where a bathroom is, is this necessarily an ugly thing? It doesn’t have to be. And, essentially, it is not. Broken down into its parts, it is someone’s lips moving…her vocal chords vibrating…and the sound waves  reverberating, crashing into air molecules. And I’m allowing this physics to bring me discomfort. I don’t have to. And would I not perceive beauty if I had no painful experiences to juxtapose it with? Discomfort gives me an opportunity to practice reassessing my surroundings–so that I may be able to deconstruct “negativity” into it’s parts which, if examined closely, are still beautiful.
  • Went to a restaurant called ” The Chatterbox.” ***** Five stars. A board game/ video game themed restaurant. Couches facing TVs; chairs in front of pac man; people playing board games at their booth while eating dinner. And somehow this places still appears classy. Jessica (my host) and I played Chutes and Ladders. I lost 3 in a row. A game purely based on luck and yet I got creamed–3 times. She told me about her boyfriend cheating on her, her parents’ divorce, her hatred of where she works, her Mom getting Alzheimer’s– and yet this girl is the happiest, most positive person I’ve met in a long time. She’s confident and calm and extremely nice. And considerate. Her roommate, Amber, is just the same. These people do exist. And in this moment I’m convince that humanity and goodness will shine down on my life. Because of people like Jessica.
  • Went downtown to explore the Skywalk. Pretty awesome. Like 20 blocks of suspended, indoor sidewalks–all connecting businesses, shops, and food. Although, I spent half the time looking for a bathroom. Kill me. Another half the time, talking to my sister and Mom and feeling homesick. That’s just a feeling I have to get used to. I know it will return.
  • Walked on frozen Mississippi River. I trust nature, but I’ve also Seen “Mr. Deeds” 5,000 times and couldn’t mask my fear of falling through the ice. Jessica, once again, so enthusiastic of wanting me to have a good time. Her boyfriend, Roger, was with us most of the time. The way Jessica interacts with him– so unrestrained, confident, affectionate…I would’ve never guessed she’s been Imagecheated on and has a mother who won’t remember who her daughter is pretty soon. I don’t know how she manages to keep herself available. It is inspiring. The happiness she receives from opening up to people, to Roger, is only achieved through fearlessness.
  • Ate at “The Nook” with Michael (my first host). Popular/ highly recommended burger place. Pretty dang good. Well priced.

And now, NOW, I’m on the train once again headed for Chicago.

What did I expect? Or do my expectations even matter? What actually happened? or does what happened even matter? I can’t imagine anything more important than this moment I am in. My efforts are wasted if I put forth energy in pursuing/ avoiding things; it is also wasted if I concentrate on past experiences. All that I’m required to attend to is this moment, and to maintaining peace and hopefulness. The only person responsible for my happiness is me. Approach and recoil get me no where. Why not just stand still? Let the moment engulf me–its presence asking only for self-discipline and nothing more? Do I receive any benefit from my fear? Or does it drain me… and bring me to my knees? Does it bully  me? Does it give me hallucinations? Is it showing me what’s real? The things I fear will happen–they will only happen if I don’t produce an opposing force: hope, the natural force. There is no acceleration in either direction if those forces are balanced. Why not just stand still–just be here?

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