Day 13

Jessica, my Couchsurfing host in Minneapolis, grew up in North Dakota (Fargo I think). She made me feel so welcome by insisting I take her food, light rail card, clothes to change into etc… I got to wash my clothes and stock up on grape-nuts and apples (my staple foods throughout the trip).  Without her knowing it, she kept me going, kept me progressing forward.  She gave me hope that I could meet more people like her. When we were eating at “Chatterbox,” her smile gave me the confidence to believe I’m doing the right thing by adventuring. My life has become enriched through meeting her and hearing her stories. And I’m now a better person for having met her. That’s what this trip is all about: opening my eyes.

My other Couchsurfing host, Michael, works at Sea Life. One more person who gives me faith in humanity. The first time I genuinely laughed on my trip was when we played fetch with a sea lion at the zoo. No one there. Except for us. And this animal chucks its toys over the glass, landing at our feet. We throw it back. Repeat five times. Who knew? Not me.

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