A beautiful soul in nature

I can’t remember her name…but does it even matter? She is identified though her actions, her words. She was so interested in my life, in my trip.. asking me where I’ve been, where I’m going, who I’ve met.  This soul sitting next to me fully entered  my thoughts, absorbing each word as I spoke it.  When someone is really listening to you,  you can see it in their eyes. She told me where to go once I get off the train–take the metro to Market East station, which is where old town  and historical monuments are.  Once we arrived, she led me to the metro area and wished me good luck–the most genuine good luck I’ve ever heard.

IN Philly I spent the day mostly walking. No host. But feeling free. Entirely aimless. I truly loved the lay-out of the city–simple to navigate  and the streets looked similar to Charlottesville. I took a train back to D.C to stay with Braden, my old host for a few days. I need to write about the conversation we had one night: him talking about his passions…what classifies a passion.. and also of how he judges someone–not based on their job/contacts/likes/dislikes but based on how they treat other people. He referenced the purposelessness and misunderstandings involved in war. People are so much more than their religious beliefs or the labels society creates for them. He said the only part he’s concerned with is the treatment of others, pointing  out that couchsurfers invite me to stay with them without knowing what I believe in or without having similar interests. I’m still treated with kindness– and this treatment takes priority.

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I'm the mother of a 1 year old, a wife, and a anthropology grad living in Beijing.

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    Faith in humanity restored? 🙂

    I’m actually thinking of doing something like that over Europe with a railpass 🙂

    Ya.. well if it’s any mollification, nothing bad happened to me..and I was traveling alone..not to mention I’m a 20 y/o girl. I mean, given, you have to be 10xs more aware of your surroundings. but yea.. I would go for it!

    dunno, there’s something eerie about the fact that anyone around me could be carrying a gun. it’s like a little thing in your head censoring your every thought, you know? Also, thanks for “mollification”, i didn’t know that word before, i like it 🙂

    I totally get that..sometimes it’s a fear you can’t shake. Understandable. I guess I tend to be a tad bit reckless.. Haha you’re welcome for that word 🙂 High school English is where it’s at baby

    not first language for me but i think i’m pretty good at it, it’s always more than awesome to discover new words though! 🙂 btw, can i contact you on other media somehow? this format seems odd for a longer convo 🙂

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