Day 42



On the bus to Los Angeles, sunset

Few things I know for sure. Few things I think I know for sure. I know that, to me, there is nothing more important than showing love to other people. This takes priority. And the result is that I’m not depriving myself of anything. By putting others first, I’m actually receiving the ultimate joy of providing love and support to someone who deserves it. Every single person on the planet deserves it. We didn’t choose this life.

This is what is what deserves attention…what is easy to discern as a path worth pursuing… and what is most meaningful to me. Treating people lovingly is not only the right thing to do tomorrow, or in 6 months, but is also the right decision in this moment, this very second.  The right decision is timeless.

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I'm the mother of a 1 year old, a wife, and a anthropology grad living in Beijing.

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    Wow, what an experience you are having. You are only 20?? You are wise beyond many who have lived decades more. I love your blog and what you are doing, and will be interested to see how the future unfolds for you.

    Kris, thank you for saying that. You are so nice. I actually got back in February and I’m just now transferring my journals to the web. Right now I’m trying to get some freelance jobs so I can continue to travel at the same time…anyways, thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot. I’m excited to go explore your blog 🙂

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