An Icy Chicago

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I'm the mother of a 1 year old, a wife, and a anthropology grad living in Beijing.

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    Chicago is one city that I would like to see someday, but not when it’s that darn cold. It gets darn cold here in PA, but I’m wondering if it gets as bad as Chicago. Last Winter here, was just plain freezing!

    Les, Chicago hit about negative 14 degrees when I passed through two winters ago. Yeah haha I would suggest going in the summer. freezing and windy during the winter. But the worst I’ve ever experienced is negative 25 degrees in Minneapolis. I was out on the streets trying to explore.. Don’t think I’ll ever forget that. I’m scarred haha

    I have been told that the “Windy City” does get some nasty cold weather. Guess you have to be used to it. Not this boy! Last Winter here was just brutal! One of the worst yet. Temp’s went down to -5 degrees at times with a wind chill of -17 degrees! Darn. I about froze! Hope this Winter is not that bad. I hate Winter to begin with, let alone tempetures like that. Be Well. ~Les

    Wow Les ! You have it rough! For your sake I hope this winter is not as bad either haha. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. Things seem to be warming up on my side of the country, I’m very pleased 🙂

    Oh fun! It will probably be very windy there, so be prepared for that, ha. Places I visited and loved: Lincoln Park ( they have a free outside zoo as well as pretty scenery), Millennium Park (where there’s a huge reflective bean), Little Italy, Greek Town, Obama’s house (he taught at the University before presidency), Michigan Avenue (famous downtown stores), Water Tower (one of the only buildings that wasn’t destroyed by the Chicago fire), Tribune Building ( displays stones from around the world), famous Chicago Theater, Rock & Roll McDonald’s ( sounds cheesy but you have gotta see this…its like a huge mansion, it’s kindve unsettling but amazing at the same time), and the Chicago museum of science& industry was probably my favorite experience on chicago. Was the coolest museum I’ve ever been to. Good for kids too.. anyways! My two cents :). Chicago also has a pretty cool aquarium call the Shedd Aquarium. as far as food is concerned, I think the best place I ate at was a place called Badou, which has Senegalese cuisine. Their peanut sauce was heaven. Okay, ok I’m done 🙂 hope you have an awesome time!

    Haha believe me, it’s quite the sight 🙂 Also, I forgot to mention The Pump Room, a fancy shmancy hotel/ bar/ restaurant that a lot of celebrities go when they’re in town. I guess the queen of England, Eddie murphy…Brad pit etc have stayed there. You can walk right in and get a drink, anyone can. Just thought I’d mention that as well!

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