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    I just had to post this. This made my day lmao!

    In India there is no actual toilet.. Its like a hole in the ground so you sit like that… Which is probably why they sit on the toilet like that.. Just google Indian toilets and you’ll see haha that is hilarious tho lol thanks for making my day!

    I saw the same sign in Japan, where there are also still toilets in some public washrooms that are just a hole in the ground. I was desperate enough to need to use one when I was there in 2005… amazingly, women miss the bowl as much as men do somehow. 😛

    One of my favorite parts of travel is the differences in signs. That and being fascinated with how often I had to pay to pee (Zurich, debrovnik, croatia, some parts of italy, craziness!)

    Wow really?! I’ve never been to Europe so I have yet to experience this haha. I did have to pay to pee a lot in Mexico however. It does feel ridiculous.

    I presume there was toiler paper? There is often NO toilet paper in a public toilet in the PI…they steal it, especially in a mall where there is no looking out, as opposed say to a restaurant where it would be noticed. So you bring your own in the form of those “pocket” tissues. Remember that if you visit the PI.

    I can’t remember if there was toilet paper. Haha. Wow. I will be sure to remember that if I ever visit. I’d love to some day. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    The things you see when traveling – lol! Actually, the modern toilet isn’t really ergonomic. It is much better for elimination to squat. But with a lifetime of sitting, at my age, my knees are happy not to have to squat!

    That’s a interesting sign. One that I’ve never seen before. Kinda makes me laugh at it. Your question is right. Why would someone want to do that? I’m sure that most people would not. But then again, you can never be sure what people will do these day’s. I have seen strange things in my travel’s all over the Pacific while in the US Navy, but not that one.

    Bloggers told me that in some Asian countries they use a toilet that is on the ground. So that’s why this sign warns people not to put their feet up, because some people are conditioned to putting their feet up when they’re using a toilet on the ground. Yeah I had no idea either haha I’m glad someone explained it to me.

    When I was over in Tokyo back in 66′, my buddy and I had to use the bathroom. Trouble was we could not read Japanese at all! Finially found someone who spoke English, and we were told where to go. Upon arrival we didn’t know who was for what bathroom! Found out that everyone goes and use’s the same one! Girls and guy’s in the same place! Sure shocked the hell out of me. If you had to pee, you just stood there with a Lady right next to you sitting and doing her thing! Embarrassed? Your right! I’ll never forget that.

    Hahaha that is so funny. I can imagine how awkward that would be at first. That’s something I would be shocked to see but after a few times I guess I’d used to it haha. Sounds like you have some awesome stories 🙂

    I do have some of those. Some funny, but others not so funny at all. I have seen things in Vietnam that most people will never see.

    Where squat toilets are used it is considered unsanitary to sit on a seat so often people will put their feet on the seat and squat. Like said above, the squat position is actually better for elimination, but it is hard for us to learn if we are accustomed sitting.

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