Month: May 2015

1) Not everyone wants to secretly stab you in the middle of the night.

2) Whether rich or poor, Christian or Atheistic, people have a unique perspective that is valuable.

3) Couchsurfers want to help you, even when you don’t want to help yourself. And it’s okay to accept that help.

4) Some hosts have cat hair covering their bathroom towels, and it can cover your face if you don’t think fast enough…:(

5) If you use your better judgement, but still allow yourself to trust others, you will find a gold mine of happiness.

6) Hosts on couch-surfing  may in fact try to seduce you, in which case you should pepper spray da fuck outta there.

7) Some of the kindest people are those who I haven’t even met yet; Always keep an open mind for letting others see who you really are.

8) If you show people who you really are, then they have the opportunity to accept who you really are.

9) That moment when you’re confronted with a point of view that frightens you, try to replace that fear with peaceful acceptance; that point of view has been reaffirmed several times over- and the person you’re in disagreement with is just as convinced they’re right as you are convinced that you’re right.

10) Take risks, but try not to die


Sometimes I am so focused on exploring places I’ve never been that I forget to appreciate the one I’ve called home for the last 22 years: Oregon. I took this photo about 60 miles east of Eugene. Although I’ve lived in this state for a while, there still remain rivers I’ve never listened to, mountains I’ve never laid eyes upon, and, perhaps most importantly, people I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.

Amid the familiarity, there are perspectives I can take which haven’t been taken before. 

As long as I am capable of changing my veiwpoint, I am capable of changing my reality- of surroundings, and of life.


The railways parting downtown Chicago. My gaze extends past buildings, past the sky, and into the depths of the universe. Within this cosmic arena, on this tiny Earth, there is a collection of atoms organized in a certain way that allows a body to form and grow– to think for itself and think about itself. To contemplate its own existence. And to appreciate its own existence.