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In one week, I leave for Taipei, Taiwan. I’ll be teaching English to students involved in a program called World Passport. For two months I will live in and around Taipei. I’m excited but also partially frightened by the news I’ve heard regarding the weather in Taiwan. I mean, 3-4 typhoons per summer? Should I just walk myself out now…? Lol aside from the horrifying article that told me Taiwan is the 4th most dangerous place to live in the world, everything else I’ve heard is positive about the environment and the people. (Apparently) cheap food, polite locals, beautiful mountains. 

But for real, I have no idea what to expect. That’s what makes this experience potentially  challenging, thrilling, surprising, reawarding, and completely awesome. Travelling is unpredictable and that’s precisely why I love it: It provides me with a new breed of happiness from an unexpected source. In awe of new people, new scenery, new ideas, I thrive in new joy. I relish in the depths of learning, of a mind absorbing all that is foreign and frightening but also beautifully different. Here, in this state of mind, I am my best self.

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I'm the mother of a 1 year old, a wife, and a anthropology grad living in Beijing.

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    I tought English in Beijing back in 2007, and found it one of the most fascinating (albeit challenging) of experiences. I doubt I could do it now (China still having a patchy LGBT record), but I have often been tempted to go back. I think you are in for a memorable and possible life-changing experience. 🙂

    That is awesome!! Wow, now I’m even more excited 🙂 ya, I’ve heard the LGBT acceptance is lacking in china. I’ve also heard that taiwan is exceptionally progressive as far as that’s concerned. I guess Taipei recently had a surge of supporters. Anyways, thanks so much for telling me this! I’m beyond ecstatic.

    I’m glad you are embarking on this adventure. I’ve lived in Taiwan for the last five years. It is actually as one of the safest countries to live in (maybe the fourth dangerous place to drive though). I had a lot of friends that were girls who walked from work to home at night without any problems. The food in Taipei is cheap by American standards, but for Taiwan it is more expensive. Smaller areas are always cheaper. It is also cheaper if you eat at food stands (very good food!) or more traditional restaurants versus more westernized restaurants. Either way Taiwan is an amazing place and I hope you really enjoy the people, culture, and well of course the food!

    P.S. The tea is amazing here too!

    This is amazing information, thank you!! I’ll be sure to eat at the food stands and try the tea :). Glad to hear it’s relatively safe at night. Thanks so much!

    No problem. I love Taiwan. Oh and the typhoons sound scary, but they aren’t very bad the majority of the time. Every typhoon I’ve experienced has just been a day inside while it rains very hard outside and no work. It’s a movie day.

    I’m glad to hear that you are being positive despite the articles you’ve read regarding the potential dangers of the place I’m excited for you! Another part of the world for you to experience and enjoy. Goodluck!

    Hey Rachelle! I live in Taipei and love it! One thing I notice from your post is that you really have the right mindset about your new experience. It’s going to be an adventure that I am sure you will love and enjoy. You’re coming in a week? Okay, get ready for hot and humid weather, the likes of which we have never dreamed of in the US, unless you live in Miami? Every day you are here, you will probably experience quite a bit of culture shock and excitement all at the same time. It’s normal – enjoy every minute. My biggest suggestion is to learn the language. Although you can get by without it as a tourist, if you live here, you will want to communicate with the locals in their own language. So when you are here, please do yourself a favor and make it a priority to learn and practice. 🙂 If you have any questions while you’re here, email me at davegoodlove@gmail.com. Enjoy your experience and make the most of it! 🙂

    Hi Dave, I am bracing myself for hot and humid. I’ve been to Singapore and Florida so I’m expecting something similar..? Thank you so much for this info! I will be taking language lessons twice a week through my program, so I’m glad to hear you say they will be useful. You are awesome, thank you. I’ll definitely contact you if I’m confused about anything. Take care 🙂

    Hi – I stopped by and discovered your travel blog after you liked one of my posts. Thanks!

    I hope you enjoy Taiwan! It’s where my family’s from, and I second what others have said about it being pretty safe and that the food is good and cheap. 🙂 If you like mangoes, you should definitely try them when they’re in season around July-ish. Taiwanese mangoes are amazing.

    Thank you for this info and I apologize for not writing you back sooner! The mangos were amazing! So true. And wow yes it is so safe. Safer than the u.s for sure. I miss it 🙁 lol. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! Hopefully I’ll see your posts around .

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