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Marcus has loved books since he was a baby. Our favorites include the magic school bus, maisy, winnie the pooh story book collection, and what should danny do, among countless others.

These stories have provided us with invaluable dialogue and understanding of the world we live in. But I got to thinking… we don’t have, nor have we ever come across, a book that Marcus, an american born, beijing raised, half kenyan boy could truly identify with on a new level.

We also lack books about issues surrounding en route travel, airport procedures, baggage claim đź’€, customs, among many other stress-inducing hiccups associated with traveling with small children.

And so I thought: If this series could reduce even a fraction of travel-related anxiety felt by parents and their kids, then it is worth writing.

If it could give an expat child, or any child, a way to indentify with a character who embraces the culture he’s in – even if it’s not the one he’s from – or the one he looks like he belongs to – then it’s worth writing.

Ig: @travelingsammyseries