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Today: John Hancock Observatory. Beyond beautiful. It’s weird to think about all the different forms of beauty–and the countless ways in which we can discover beautiful things…things that make my heart smile and bring my soul peace…things that essentially breathe life into me and spark passion, wonder, and gratitude. What could be more beautiful than this moment I am in? A completely spotless portion of existence with endless possibilities. Society Imagecan tell me whatever it wants, but I’m in control–and I live with my decisions. I suffer the consequences of listening an abiding by what others tell me is right. I’m learning how to be nice to myself so that I might be able to give the world all that I have. I don’t search for good feeling; I create it right now and allow it to sweep over me. Image

Also in Chicago:

  • Museum of Science and Industry = amazing.
  • Watched Arrested Development three nights in a row with my Couchsurfing host, Adam.
  • Went to a yummy Senegalese restaurant, came home and had an awesome talk about philosophy and relationships. He speaks with so much intelligence and fore-though. I hope we are friends for a long time. A book on Adam’s coffee table: Tibetan Book of the Dead.