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this is what I know

walks around the lake

campfires on a cold night

rainy soccer games

plastic bags over my socks

this is who i am

snow ball fights that never end

bike rides on a hilly trail

raking fallen leaves

this is who i’ll always be

impromptu family soccer games

showering the mud off

boys against girls, outside, ten minutes

basketball, even in the rain

this is what i miss

playing hard, and not caring

about the rain, cold, or dirt

walking inside to a warm fire and food on the table

time was better spent



learning all over again how to see

exploring not who I am but who I can be

learning from others

others learning from me

traveling is to me

reexamining nature

taking a second look

noticing beauty I can’t glean from a book

traveling is to me

erasing my assumptions

replacing them with love

now I understand- your beliefs are hard to let go of