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Marcus has loved books since he was a baby. Our favorites include the magic school bus, maisy, winnie the pooh story book collection, and what should danny do, among countless others.

These stories have provided us with invaluable dialogue and understanding of the world we live in. But I got to thinking… we don’t have, nor have we ever come across, a book that Marcus, an american born, beijing raised, half kenyan boy could truly identify with on a new level.

We also lack books about issues surrounding en route travel, airport procedures, baggage claim đź’€, customs, among many other stress-inducing hiccups associated with traveling with small children.

And so I thought: If this series could reduce even a fraction of travel-related anxiety felt by parents and their kids, then it is worth writing.

If it could give an expat child, or any child, a way to indentify with a character who embraces the culture he’s in – even if it’s not the one he’s from – or the one he looks like he belongs to – then it’s worth writing.

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Traveling + living abroad with kids can be exciting- but often challenging.

The Traveling Sammy Series is about a traveling toddler who encounters many thrills and obstacles while living abroad.

The first book to be released is titled “Sammy’s first time flying.”

The writing is finished – illustrations to come! I’ll be providing updates on book development here and on the series instagram page @travelingsammyseries.

If you are interested in this series, please follow my work here and @travelingsammyseries instagram. Thanks everyone!

The Great Wall may be one of the most overlooked wonders of the world. Standing on the wall- tucked away high in the mountains- the last time I felt this way I was peering down at the Grand Canyon. What surprises me most about the Wall is how falls on the peaks of mountain ranges. How hard it must have been to construct a wall extending hundreds of miles supported only by the steep slope of a mountain…

Moments that leave me in awe- they are the worth living for…As long as I remain perceptive of all the different forms of beauty and what comprises them.

1) Graduate from college 
2) Travel
3) Fall in love
4) Get married 
5) Have a baby 
The route I have taken:

1) Travel  
2) Fall in love
3) Have a baby
4) Graduate from college
5) Get married

There is no one right way to live our lives. We figure things out along the way. And if I wouldn’t have traveled while going to college, I would’ve never met the most perfect person (for me) to spend my life with. We would’ve missed each other. 

Him from Kenya, me from the U.S, met in Taiwan at a 7 week english summer camp. I’ve never been more happy in the presence of another person, and I have a lot of factors to thank for our meeting. One of which, the most powerful one, is my own choices, my own free will in life that I can exercise at any given moment.

Previously trapped in a horrible relationship, I have the freedom to remove myself. Needing healing and insight that cross-cultural experiences can give me, I have the freedom to stand up and walk into a plane headed for Taiwan.

What I received in return: the love of hundreds of students, the love of new friends, the love of the person I’m going to marry, and the love of a culture I had no previous awareness of. All of this I lacked before I left. All of it I gained in 7 weeks.

Society may instill in us from an early age a blueprint for living our adult lives. But the blueprint I’ve followed is a different one. An outsider might look at my 5 steps and think that I made poor choices. And yet the choices I’ve made have given me so much happiness and gratitude for living. What is a wrong choice? I think a wrong choice is one you make to please other people, instead of assessing your own needs and acting accordingly. We know what truly makes us happy- we are the only ones who know this secret.

How can I condemn my choices if I am self- directing my life?  If I love myself, if I love my nature, I will expertly guide it to the fuel it needs for contentment, to the people/ places/ ideaa it needs to be exposed to. Sometimes this is accomplished by picking up a book. And sometimes it’s accomplished by picking up my entire life- transporting it to a new all-compassing bubble of direct, stimulating, foreign ways of thinking. 

Whatever I do to improve myself, when the work is finished, contentment is found here. . . in a mind full of gratitude and self-love.

If you’re going to west Maui, I recommended staying at a bed & breakfast called The Maui Guest House.

Our favorite restaurant was called Aloha Mixed Plate. Get the lava flow. Yumm.

If you want to go on the road to hana, be wary that it’s 2 1/2 hours of the curvy, puke- inducing roads. I would suggest going to the first waterfall hike- Twin Falls, and calling it a trip if you get car sick. I thought it was the best one anyway.